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Welcome to Astar Badminton Lab! We are a unique badminton training center that focuses not only on technical skills but also on developing leadership qualities, a positive attitude, and
bravery in our players. Our aim is to create well-rounded individuals who excel both on and off the court.

Leadership is a key aspect of our training program. We believe that a great leader is someone who can inspire and motivate others, while also being a team player. Through various team-building exercises and group activities, we help our players develop their leadership skills. We encourage them to take charge, make decisions, and guide their teammates towards success.

Attitude is another crucial element that we emphasize. We believe that a positive mindset is essential for personal growth and success. Our coaches work closely with our players to cultivate a positive attitude, teaching them to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and always strive for improvement. We believe that a positive attitude not only helps in badminton but also in all aspects of life.

Bravery is the third pillar of our training philosophy. We encourage our players to be bold, take risks, and push their limits. We believe that bravery is the key to unlocking one’s true potential.
Our coaches provide a supportive environment where players feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones and trying new strategies and techniques. We believe that by being brave,
our players can achieve extraordinary results.

At Astar Badminton Lab, we go beyond just teaching badminton skills. We strive to develop leaders with a positive attitude and the bravery to face any challenge. Join us on this exciting
journey and unlock your full potential both on and off the court!

Coach Cai Xian

Coach Cai Xian

Coach Cai Xian is a certified badminton coach with 15 years of coaching experiences.

Coach Cai Xian started playing badminton in his teens and have represented his schools and SAFSA in numerous competitive tournaments.

His personal achievements include 5 gold medals for Zone 4 and 4 Gold medals for National School competitions when he represented Montfort between 1993-1997. He then continued to represent Ngee Ann Polytechnics in Inter-Varsity Polytechnics Games and his team conquer the championship wins for two consecutive years from 1999-2000. He also received a Special Award for Sportsperson from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. His passion for badminton continued even when he was serving his National Service and had won several badminton tournaments  for SAFSA.

In the year May 2017, Coach Cai Xian represent Punggol Coast CSC Team A and emerged as champions in national community games 2017.

In his coaching career, he has already groomed several schools and tertiaries by maintaining their crowning achievements in their zones and his schools intake are expanding.

Coach Cai xian always demand the best in himself and constantly pursue the limits of his abilities and endurance. His coaching mission is to groom a sisterhood and brotherhood of Badminton player extraordinaire.  He believes playing badminton instil good character building in the players. Badminton players are special people. The camaraderie spirits form in the team or during the tournaments  are just part of a quality player and this good sportsmanship is contagious!

He continues to upgrade his skills, recently awarded NCAP L1 Certification and BWF L2 Certificate. He is also MOE and NROC registered and has First Aid and AED certifications.

Appreciate and LOVE the game!

Coach Cai xian

Why choose AStar

Badminton is not all about winning or losing. In AStar Badminton, the coaches believe in fostering a good sportsmanship  to bring their quality badminton player. It’s character building for the players and it’s praiseworthy!

Astar Badminton welcomes children, youths and adult trainees. They have tailored training programs for beginners and for aspiring players who hope to join school teams or compete internationals.

Within everyone lies a passion for badminton. Clear, Smash drop and loop are common badminton jargons.

Join us now to unleash your potential!

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