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A dedicated coach who is constantly seeking talents to represent the school he serves. He has a pool of trainers in every training session. A no nonsense coach who will not hesitate to tell you off whenever you are lazy or when you make silly mistake mistakes during games or training. His intensive training include fitness, footwork and techniques commencing from basic to advance. My daughter who had no basic knowledge of badminton started under his wings 2 years ago, is currently good enough to represent her school.

Jason Wee Parent of Christen PLMGS (P)

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My son's badminton skill picked up a lot after undergoing training with Coach Hor for just a year.

Coach's Hor's training is really effective! Thank you Coach Hor for your dedication and commitment.

Felicia Parent of Zhan Ting (South View Primary)

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Coach Hor is an attentive, dedicated and passionate coach. He teaches not only footwork and techniques, but also emphasizes on fitness and game strategies. He also instills values such as discipline, respect, team spirit and responsibility to the kids. Both my boys improve significantly after joining his training for only a year. I am very happy with my boy's progress and appreciate Coach Hor's every effort to help them learn and grow!

Jamie Parent of Ze Bin/Ze Yu (South View Primary)

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Coach Hor is dedicated, patient and tolerant towards our boys be it in competition or private training. Your tenacity in helping our boys overcoming their weaknesses, on backhand or netting is be applauded. It's been a tedious but fruitful journey into top 8. Glad that we have you along with our boys on this journey and making it possible in all you can to drive our boys towards this success. Our boys started late in p5 but yet have truly gained a lot.

Iris Parent of Zackary ( South View Primary)

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Coach Hor is a passionate coach with a heart for the players. Not only is he strict when disciplining the players, he is also meticulous in correcting their techniques. He also places much emphasis on the imparting values such as resilience, excellence and integrity, values which he believes will make the players not only better players, but also better people. Coach Hor has been coaching for many years and is a respected coach in the field. I'm sure that with his many years of experience, he will be an asset to which ever organisation.

Ben Ang Teacher in charge PHE (South View Primary)

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I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for coaching my 7 years old daughter in badminton. She fully enjoyed it. Coach Caixian is very experienced in providing quality training and focused training that commensurate with my daughter level of play and capabilities of play. It provided her a solid fundamentals to further upgrade in future. I would heartily recommend Coach Caixian training program to anyone who intend to improve their badminton skills irrespective of their current levels of play while at the same time able to enjoy the training. i fully appreciate you for bringing my daughter to a higher level in her badminton skill from scratch.

Karie Father of Kerine (Methodist Girl's School)

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